Gallery photo of Thai Plumeria 40 flowers looks fantastic

New Plumeria 40 fantastic flowers and wonderfully fragrant.

Plumeria, also called frangipani, tropical trees with vibrant blooms and the most extraordinary fragrance. All plumeria blooms are wonderfully fragrant with some varieties emitting a scent like jasmine and roses. Plumeria thrive and bloom their best in full sun, they do not want a great deal of water in the soil. They grow in sandy soils in nature. If you are ready to welcome a plumeria into your garden, don’t wait to select new plumeria 40 flowers available.

Our Plumeria products

1.Plumeria grafted plant

  • Plumeria grafted plant height 25-30 cm
  • Plumeria grafted plant height 45-50 cm
  • Plumeria grafted plant height 60-70 cm

2.Plumeria rooted cutting

  • Plumeria rooted cutting 30 cm
  • Plumeria rooted cutting 45 cm

3.Plumeria seed

  • Plumeria seed ‘mixed varieties’

Plant specification

  • Grafted plants are 2 years old have strong root.
  • Plumeria have 1-2 healthy branch

Browser Plumeria product

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