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Plant catalog

Please browse through our online catalog to get more information about our products.

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Minimum order requirement

Minimum order /Mode of transportation Wholesale order : 1,000$US /Air freight, Doorstep delivery for US & EU. Bulk order : 3,000$US /Air freight, Air cargo shipping to destination airport. Retail…

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Request a price list

Please Choose A Price List. Minimum order 1,000$US / Air freight delivery / Doorstep delivery for USA, EU, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa. Minimum order 200$US / Doorstep delivery…

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Ordering process

How to order First contact, Please browse through  PLANT CATALOG >>  to find more information about the plants what you are looking for.  Request a price list by filling out …

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Packing the plants

Packing the plants for overseas order/ international shipping. Click on a box to see how do I pack the plants.

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Term of sale

TERMS & CONDITION OF SALE These Terms & Conditions apply when you order the items (the plants and Seeds) from Ewaterplant Nursery & Garden. 1.Price :  All prices are quoted in…

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Mode of Payment

We accept the following payment methods.​ Bank Transfer Online money transfer via Western union (4.50% fee) Credit card VISA & Mastercard (4.50% fee) 

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Guarantee and Claims

Our Guarantee and Claims Shipping to airport (Air freight) : There will be no refund or return shipment. If the shipment is found dead plants upon arrival or rottenness, please…

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