Visit a genuine Adenium desert rose nursery in Thailand

We provide more 150 varieties of Adenium obesum ‘multi layer flowers, Adenium arabicum, Adenium socotranum and Adenium seed.

Adeniums cultivation is very popular in Thailand. Almost every Thai house Adenium is popularly planted as a house ornamental plant. So it’s normal when you see adenium blooming in Thai homes.

Today we are one of leading nursery and sucess in this business. We have about 10,000 hybrid Adeniums dedicated as mother stock to propagate adeniums in large scale. We are professional team of planting Adeniums, producing high quality seeds and developing new hybrid varieties every year.

Our goal is to sell adeniums and adenium seed to adenium growers in 30 countries around the world. We are sure that we will achieve our goal in the next year.

Our Adenium products

1. Adenium grafted plant ‘Standard caudex diameter 2.0-2.5 inch’

There are available 8 group of different flowers (All our Adeniums are grafted plants have double/ triple or multi petal layer flower)

  • Adenium Variegate leave : Set A
  • Adenium Double/Triple flower : Set  B
  • The legacy Rosy Adenium : Set C
  • Thai Brilliant Rosy Adenium : Set D
  • Deluxe Adenium Desert Rose : Set E
  • The Premium Adenium : Set F
  • The Twinkle Adenium : Set G
  • New Hybrid Adenium Thailand : Set H

2. Adenium grafted plant ‘Medium caudex diameter 4.0-5.0 inch’

  • Assorted color 5 color
  • Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple

3. Adenium grafted plant ‘Large caudex diameter 6.0-8.0 inch’

  • Assorted color 5 color
  • Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple

4. Adenium multi grafted ‘Fancy 3 colours in 1 caudex’

  • Caudex diameter 4.0-5.0″

5. Adenium arabicum ‘RCN’

  • Standard caudex diameter 2.5-3.0″
  • Medium caudex diameter 4.5-5.0″

6. Adenium socotranum ‘caudex diameter 12-24 inch’

  • Premium grade for collector/ Contest

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