The 2nd world’s strangest lakes selected by CNN

CNN selected Lake Nong Harn in Thailand is the 2nd world’s strangest lakes.

The yearly sprouting of thousands upon thousands of Red lotus flowers completely transforms the surface of Lake Nong Harn into an 8,000-acre vision of buoyant blossoms. This aquatic garden begins to grow in October, just after the rainy season. When it reaches full bloom in December, nearby villagers, who trace the origins of the lake to a tragic love myth, take to boats to enjoy the miraculous scenery. The sea of red lotuses—Talay Bua Daeng, as the locals say—is best viewed during daylight hours before noon, when the flowers are fully opened, revealing their vibrant, pink color (not red, despite the name). The lake, which is located in the province of Udon Thani, 350 miles north of Bangkok, stays rosy until March. 


Thousands of red lotus flowers sprout annually in October and completely transform the surface of Lake Nong Harn, Thailand.

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