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ADENIUM 'Rosy flower'QTY$US
Adenium 'standard caudex'Rosy flower, caudex 2.0" 12 180$
Rosy flower, caudex 2.0" 20 220$
Rosy flower, caudex 2.0" 30 270$
Rosy flower, caudex 2.0" 50 320$
Adenium 'medium caudex'Rosy flower, caudex 4.0" 8180$
Rosy flower, caudex 4.0" 12 230$
Adenium 'large caudex'Rosy flower, caudex 6.0" 3200$
Adenium 'fancy 3 colors'3 colors, caudex 4.0"8200$
Adenium 'arabicum' Arabicum, caudex 4.0"8200$
Adenium seedAdenium varietiesPackPrice list
Plumeria grafted plant
Grafted plant H40cm, Assorted colors12180$
Grafted plant H40cm, Assorted colors20220$
Grafted plant H40cm, Assorted colors30270$
Grafted plant H40cm, Assorted colors50320$
Plumeria fresh cutting (unroot)Mixed colors, fresh cutting H30cm50200$
Plumeria seedMixed varieties/ colorsPackPrice list
Euphorbia milii size 4"Assorted colors, H10-12cm12 180$
Assorted colors, H10-12cm30 250$
Assorted colors, H10-12cm50 300$
Assorted colors, H10-12cm100 400$
Assorted colors, H10-12cm200 500$
Water lily plantTropical & Hardy varieties12180$
Tropical & Hardy varieties20250$
Tropical & Hardy varieties30300$
Tropical & Hardy varieties50400$
Tropical & Hardy varieties100500$
Tropical & Hardy varieties200600$
Bougainvillea plantMulti grafted 3 colors H40cm12 200$
Multi grafted 3 colors H40cm30 350$