Plumeria Tropical Plants Nursery in Bangkok, Thailand

Plumeria garden & Nursery

Plumerias on twenty acres growing within the garden have been acquired from plumeria lovers and collectors round the world, particularly from the U.S., Australia and Asian country for assortment and hybridization purposes. There are many thousands of plumeria seedlings from hand-picked cultivars also are planted within the garden every year.

In Thailand, Plumeria grows very well and blooms almost year round. When the weather begins to cool down in late calendar month, most Plumerias slip into a dormancy peroid that is December-January. It’s nature for leaves to drop at this point whereas the plant rests. As the temperature warms up in late of February, the new growing cycle begins with rising new leaves and inflorescences. The Plumerias are commonly fully bloom from late March to August, make the fragrance fills over the garden both day and night time.

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