Aquatic plant nursery and Water lily garden

Ewaterplant aquatic plant nursery and water lily garden.

One stop service to find aquatic plant and water lily pond in Thailand “

       We has been growing aquatic plants since 1996. Now with over 140 plant varieties at our farm locates in Prachinburi province far 250km from Bangkok. We have a special interest in both rare and common aquatic plant varieties in Thailand and Asian countries. Today our business is expansion from exporting aquatic plant to include garden and house plants such as Adenium Desert rose, Plumeria, Euphorbia plant, Aglaonema and Bonsai.

      We purpose our informative website is a useful resource. Please browse through the category of aquatic plant for descriptions and many plant photos. We are confident we can provide the plants that best suits your needs, while sharing our knowledge so that you can make an informed decision.

Aquatic plant nursery




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Water lily pond & Garden

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