Multi colored grafting Adenium-Fancy 3 colors

Multi colored grafting Adenium, Fancy desert rose for sale.

Adenium desert rose flowers have been used as the symbol of strength and courage. As normal the flowers of Adenium vary in color, from the well-known red, pink or white and now to fancy colors. We have made 3 color multi grafting on 1 caudex size 4.0-5.0 inch and called it as “Fancy Adenium” There are 3 different color/ flowers on fancy Adenium. Based on my own experience, We have found that fancy Adenium flowers can give higher blooming, perfect flower forms and bigger flower size after grafting them on the new root stocks.

If you are looking for Adenium for someone and still don’t know what color to get. We has brought you the colored pattern of fancy Adenium to give you an idea to make your home more colorful.

Fancy 3 color Adenium multi grafted (Random color)

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Adenium fancy 3 color (Random color)

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