Meaning of Water lily Flowers.

Symbolic meaning of Water lily Flowers.


There are many meanings of water lily flowers that have recorded.

  1. Water lily  – Symbolize pleasure and peace
    The first image that will come to mind when we talk about of water lilies is that of the elegant white water lily featuring its fragrant, tender petals , an image of purity, pleasure and peace. The Nymphaea waterlilies perfectly symbolise innocence, purity, fertility, pleasure, celebration, hope, rebirth, wellness, and peace.  All ancient cultures around the world have associated the white lilies with gods and spirituality.
  2. Water lily – Symbols of Delight and New Life
    Waterlilies have been cultivated as an ornamental plant for all over three thousand years ago and appreciated wonderful favor along with ancient Egyptian. Just as the water lily symbolizes new spirit and new wish, these water plants in common are optimistic symbols of delight and happiness. The pure white trumpets of an Easter Lily burst forward in the Spring as a symbol of purity and heralding the re-birth of nature’s cycle. Almost water lily blooms in summer time and appear in joyfully bright colors like white, red, orange, blue, pink and yellow. Tropical / Hardy lilies are grown around the world exactly where conditions are favourable at various times of the year and so you could order them anytime you would like to experience their vibrant happiness and fresh aroma.
  3. Blue water lily – symbolize  ‘flower of love’
    The blue lotus has been a symbol of sexuality and gender in Egyptian culture. Many Egyptian ancient paintings had pictures associated with naked women holding a blue water lily bud or flower, A hint of the woman’s ability to be able to give birth and consequently fertility and creation.
    An additional blue lily from South Africa is the Bluish African Lily. As known as the Lily of the Nile, it is definitely a ‘flower of love’.
  4. Lotus – Meaning of ‘Truth and Peace’ in Buddhism
    The lotus is definitely the primary flower in Buddhism. In Asia, the flowering of the lotus, symbolizes absolute real truth and purity. The bloom became associated with Buddha himself. The Hindus in India consider that, prior to its creation as we all know it, the world was a golden lotus.

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