Dracaena Lucky Bamboo collections

A large collection of Dracaena lucky bamboo in Thailand.

We provide all kind of lucky bamboo at reasonable prices. We have shipped the finest Dracaena sanderiana from Thailand to our customer more 20 countries. Lucky Bamboo, botanical names “Dracaena Sanderiana“, common named are Lucky bamboo, water bamboo or Good luck bamboo. It is a aquatic plant not terrestrial plants.

This plant is symbolizes of good luck, it’s not only brings green color into you room, but also brings fortune and prosperity to household, business or people you care. Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that recommended by Feng Shui masters and practitioners for improve Feng Shui and create a space where you feel safe and more energized to meet the demands of today’s high pressured world. 

Lucky bamboo arrangement for home decoration.  


Catalog lucky bamboo

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