Lindernia rotundifolia planted aquarium

Lindernia could be a species of flowering plant known by the common names yellowseed false pimpernel and moist bank pimpernel. It’s a member of the new plant family Linderniaceae. Lindernia rotundifolia grows on sandy banks on streams in Asia. Lindernia rotundifolia is appropriate each for background and as a solitary mid-ground plant with leaves growing tightly from top to bottom.

Lindernia yellow seed

Lindernia rotundifolia

Lindernia specie in Thailand

Lindernia rotundifolia ‘ Variegated’


pH range: 6-6.8
Temperature range: 22-26 C
Water hardness: Soft- medium hard
Propagation : From cuttings.

Habitat : Tropical Asia

Packing type available :  Loose , Bundle , Pot

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