How to propagate lotus from seed : 6 Steps

To propagate lotus from seed.

1. To begin with collect the healthy seed from dry lotus seed head. Do not get fresh lotus seed.


Fresh lotus seed head


Fresh lotus seed removed from seed head


Seed are a versatile food and can be eaten raw or cooked.


This photo is dry lotus seed head



Dry lotus seed from Thailand
Lotus seed for sale

Dry lotus seed ready for growing

2. Break through the hard outer seed coat that seals the seed from the elements. Use a file to scrape through the seed coat just slightly, until the white of the seed is visible.


3. Soak the seed in distilled water for a day. After a day or so, the seed coat becomes soft.
4. Once the seed coat is softened, carefully remove it to lay each seed on clay soil for water plant.
5. Keep the seed in very strong light or half-day of sun light. Check the water often for fouling, and if needed, change it.
6. The first leaves should be seen in 2-4 weeks.


Although the seedling will grow rapidly, do not expect a bloom the first year. Whether it will flower the first year or not depends upon the cultivar and the length of the season.

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