How to grow and care Euphorbia Milii?

Euphorbia Milii

How to grow and care Euphorbia Milii : Guide and Tips

An easy to understand guide to growing and caring for a Crown of Thorns plant or Euphorbia milii.

1. Select a sunny, well-drained planting site for crown-of-thorns. Euphorbia milii will tolerate a couple of hours of shade during the hottest part of the day but does require sunshine for at least two-thirds of the day. Drainage have to be excellent or the plant will produce root rot, a fungal disease. If needed, make a raised planting area to improve drainage. Increase soil improvement, this kind of fertilizer or peat moss, in case your soil is sandy or of poor quality.

2. Test the soil pH using a pH meter or pH test kit. A meter reading of 7.0 is neutral. Euphorbia milii grows best in neutral or acidic soil, below 7.0, although a little alkaline soil, slightly above 7.0, is acceptable. If needed, lower the soil pH by including agricultural sulphur to the planting area. Follow package instructions carefully so you apply the right amount, which varies based on the product you are using.

3. Dig a hole for each plant as deep as the root ball and double as wide. Space plants 2 feet apart to make sure appropriate air circulation. Check out the label of miniature or very large varieties for the suitable spacing, which may perhaps different.

4. Very carefully remove the plant from its pot and check the roots. Trim off any broken, shrivelled or mushy roots, then carefully loosen the soil around the outside of the root ball with your hands.

5. Set the Euphobia milii directly into the planting hole and so the plant sits at the same level as it was in the box. Backfill around the roots with soil, pressure firmly with your hands to eliminate air pockets. Water around the base of the plant to settle the soil; keep water off the plants.

6. Watering newly planted Euphorbia milii often enough to keep the soil slightly moist. You will know the plant has set up itself when it puts out new growth. At that point, watering Euphorbia milii  only when the top 1 inch of soil is dry out.

7. Usage an inorganic mulch, if desired, like gravel or stones. Do not use organic mulches, this kind of bark chips or grass clippings, due to they trap moisture all around the plant and encourage fungi diseases.

New flower Euphorbia milii

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