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A largest collection of wholesale and retail aquarium plant, Water lily and Ornamental house plant, Adenium, Euphorbia milii, Plumeria in Thailand.    

         We are a leading water plant export nursery, located in Bangkok Thailand. We offer more 400 varieties of aquarium plant, water lily & lotus, plants for water garden, lucky bamboo and ornamental plant such as Adenium, Anthurium, Aglaonema, Plumeria, Euphorbia milii. We have been over 17 years experience working with genuine plant growers and ornamental plant nursery in Thailand. Our products are collected carefully and they are free from any prohibited pesticides according to the standards of the countries of the European Union and United States.

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Dracaena lucky bamboo for sale

          Today we are preparing new aquarium plant species, Water lily, Rosy Adenium desert rose, Plumeria new flower and Euphorbia milii for the new season is coming.