Hardy water lily collection

Hardy water lily for sale in Thailand. 

We offer a large selection of hardy water lilies for your pond. Thai Hardy waterlilies can be grown from cool to warm climates. Hardy water lilies are available in four main colors Red, Pink, White,Peach and Yellow. We offer an excellent selection of very high quality hardy water lilies at competitive prices.

We are a leading Thai grower of water lily tropical and hardy, Supplies more 70 ordinary varieties and new hybrids since 1997.

Photo hardy water lilies for sale. 


Chromatella Hardy water lilyMangkala Ubol Thai Hardy water lilyFabiola Pink Hardy waterlilies
ChromatellaMangkala ubolFabiola
Chalene strawn hardy varietyColorado Orange hardy NymphaeaThai hardy water lily Joey Tomacik
Chalene strawnColoradoJoey Tomacik
Pink sensation Hardy water lily pondYellow Mexicana flowerMadame Wilfron Gonnere
Pink sensationMexicanaMadame Wilfron Gonnere
Red Hardy waterlily FlammeaChubbyInner light
FlammeaChubbyInner light
Water lily hardy Rose Arey hybridStar brightYellow Sunrise Hardy water lily Thailand
Rose Arey hybridStar brightSunrise
Colossea white hardyEllisiana Red water lilyRed Hardy water lily Attraction
James Brydon Red colour waterlilyYellow BangpraCrystal pink
James BrydonYellow BangpraCrystal pink
Thai Hardy water lily WanvisaPeach and creamHermine White Hardy water lily
WanvisaPeach and creamHermine
Black swan Hardy water lilyPinwaree Yellow Hardy water lilies flowerMayla
Black swanPinwareeMayla
Pink PattayaPraguysadThongSab
Tabtim Siam water lilyYellow submarine
Tabtim SiamYellow submarineThai Opal
Steven Strawn
ParaneeWanvisa (Hybrid)
Ruby StarRaspberryParavee
JakkaphongJakkaphongBig Floyd

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