Fresh Plumeria cutting and Grafted Plumeria plant

Plumeria is a fast-growing tropical tree that produces masses of fragrant blooms between March and October. Also known as frangipani, plumerias require a warm climate to grow. Although the plant won’t tolerate freezing winter temperatures, it can be planted in a container and brought indoors when the weather turns cold. By choosing the right location, ensuring that the plant is not overwatered, and caring for it seasonally, your plumeria will grow strong and beautiful.

We supply 3 kind of Plumeria Great Frangipani in Thailand.

1. Fresh Plumeria cutting height 30cm



2. Plumeria grafted plant height 30 cm pot 4 inch
(Assorted 7 color Red, Pink, Yellow, Violet, White, Orange and Fancy)  



3. Plumeria grafted plant height 50 cm pot 10 inch
There are 40 varieties/ Flowers available for sale (See flowers)



Plumeria bare root plants are clean and ready for shipment.


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