Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Who is Ewaterplant ?

A :  We have been exporting aquarium fish under the name of V.aquarium Thailand  Co.,Ltd  for  more than 36 years.  We are one of the pioneering companies doing this business. The name ” Ewaterplant Inc.” come from the business expansion from exporting aquarium fish to include exporting aquarium plants, pond plants also ornamental plants.


Q :  Where are the customers of Ewaterplant ?

A :  Most of our customers are the importing companies from more than 45 countries around the world located in USA , Australia , Middle East , East Asia ,South America , Europe , Oceania and Africa. 


Q3 : Are we the retailers or wholesalers? 

A : We serve both for wholesale and personal order. Wholesale minimum order require 900$US. Personal order package 200$US delivery Airmail, EMS, FedEx and DHL.


Q : How high is the quality of Ewaterplant’s product ? 

A : Our company gets the product from high quality farms/nursery which have been growing plants with modern technology. Therefore, You can be sure that our products are free from disease and parasite before exporting plants to you.  All plants have strictly inspected by the department of agriculture before received a phytosanitary certificated issued by Ministry of Agriculture and coorperatives ,Thailand.


Q :  How can you trust that after reaching the trading agreement and making the payments you will get the right product on time ? 

A :  We have never blamed for sending the product late or sending the false product according to the agreement. Our 36 years experience in doing this business can warranty our trust-worthy. Furthermore, our company is  member of AFFECT ( Aquatic Fauna and Flora Exporters Council of Thailand ) and our executive manager is member the board of AFFECT . Our position in this council can confirm you about reliability. After receiving the payments , We will send Airway bill to you immediately. 
        Moreover our web site is registered by the Department of Business Development and Department of export promotion, the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand , so this increase warranty our better trust-worthy.  

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Q :  What do you need to do when the exported product was damaged during the transporting ?
A :
Before packing ,technical staff always check the products quality and standard. If the damage occurs during the packing process , we will take the responsibility by sending products for substitution in next shipment.  This is OUR GUARANTEE AND CLAIMS STATEMENT.

Q :  Why do the customers choose to import aquarium products from Ewaterplant ?  

A :   First , We trade honestly with our customers. Second , We focus on these high quality water plants (Clean Green & Fresh) and high quality assurance. Finally we believe in our competitive prices and standardized aquarium products packing.

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