Euphorbia milii ‘new hybrid flowers’ in Thailand

‘New hybrid flowers’ Euphorbia milii varieties in Thailand

       Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns), known in Thai as Poy-sean. Euphorbia milii need full sun to partial shade with warm temperatures. The plant should be allowed to dry thoroughly between waterings. In the winter months, water should be restricted to once over the winter. The most common failure in growing this plant is over-watering, especially during the winter months. Euphorbia milii flower dependably whenever they get enough light. They are simple to grow and drouth-tolerant, prefering slightly dry, sandy soil. This succulent stores water in its thick stems simply like a cactus, therefore it can be watered less often than other houseplants. If its leaves turn yellow and fall off, reduce on the watering.

       We supply the best quality Euphorbia Milii to worldwide. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty. Presently, we are looking forward to more cooperation with overseas based on mutual profit. Our qualified staff will do their utmost to supply you with our high-quality goods and service. Advanced equipment, professional workforce, and precise QC inspection system ensure our items to meet the all standard.Propagation : Our Euphorbia milii are propagated by cuttings.  We have shipped the clean bare root Euphorbia milii trim all leaves and flower off. All plants are treated pest and fungi already before delivery to customers. The shipment is delivered along with a phytosanitary certificate and CITES.

We supply Euphorbia milii height 4″(10-12cm) and 6″(15-20cm) for exportation.


Euphorbia milii ‘popular colors, specify variety ‘ (group A)
Available size 4 inch (10-12cm)


Euphorbia milii ‘new colors, hybrid variety’ (group B)
Available size 4 inch, price individually


Euphorbia milii ‘5 assorted colors, random variety’ (group C)
Available 5 colors, size 4″ and 6″


Quoted price


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