Cyperus is a large genus of about 600 species of sedges, distributed throughout all continents in both tropical and temperate regions. They’re annual or perennial plants, mostly aquatic and growing in still or slow-moving water up to 50cm deep. Common names include papyrus sedges, umbrella-sedges and galingales.

 Cyperus helferi

Cyperus species are widespread all over the tropics, but only a few of them are good underwater plants. Cyperus helferi is the first Cyperus species used in aquariums. It requires a relatively large amount of light, and CO2 addition is recommended to promote growth.


Cyperus alternifolius
“Umbrella Palm”


Cyperus haspan
“Dwarf papyrus”


Cyperus papyrus
“Giant Egyptian”

pH range: 5 – 7.5
Temperature range: 20-30 C
Water hardness: Soft-medium hard
Propagation: From seeds.
Habitat:  Asia

Availability: Readily available
Packing Type : Loose , Bundle , Pot

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