Plumeria frangipani assorted color in Thailand.

Plumeria ‘Frangipani’ assorted colors.

  • Thai Plumeria for sale in assorted colors.
  • Our Plumeria both rooted plant/ grafted plant are extremely healthy also require very little care.
  • There are 6 assorted colors, random variety in Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Violet and Fancy color.
  • Customers receive assorted bright color in different varieties in this assortment (unable to choose a variety).
  • All Plumeria varieties in the collection have a large colorful flowering continues bloom throughout the year and very fragrance.

Plumeria 6 color groups.
See the varieties are mixed and random selection in each color group.

Plumeria ‘Rooted/ Grafted plant’ height 40-45cm


Plumeria ‘Rooted/ Grafted plant’ height 25-30cm


Plumeria bare root plants are ready for shipment.

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