Hoya ‘Heart leave’

Hoya kerrii ‘Heart leave’ for sale Green Hoya (whole plain green) Variegate leave Hoya (green with yellow) Painted Hoya sweetheart (For Valentine’s day) 4 painted styles available. Available both Hoya bare…

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Euphorbia Yok Siam

Thai Euphorbia lactea cleansing and crested size.

A Genuine source of Euphorbia lactea and Nursery in Thailand.        We supply the best quality Euphorbia Lactea to worldwide. The crested or fan-shaped and color mutants of…

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Euphorbia lactea thumb

Euphorbia lactea for sale

We supply Euphorbia lactea plant 6 color size 4-6 inch. Genuine plant quality and free found from any prohibited pesticides. Euphorbia lactea Euphorbia lactea (common names: Candelabra Cactus, Cardon, Hatrack…

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Euphorbia Lactea crest -Coral cactus

A Genuine garden ‘Euphorbia lactea crest’ in Thailand. A well known Euphorbia lactea crest ‘Coral cactus’ garden in Thailand. We offer 12 color crest (crest width 4 inch). All Euphorbia lactea…

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Suk Som Jai Pomg Aglaonema

Photo Aglaonema Plant For Sale

Aglaonema plant One of the colorful houseplants to easily grow indoor “ The popular Aglaonema Pink, Red and Evergreen plant in pot 4 inch.   Quoted price

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Visit Anthurium nursery

Visit a Genuine Anthurium Nursery in Thailand This is a famous and well-know Thai Anthurium nursery in Thailand. They offer a wide range of Anthurium cultivars of new hybrids/color. They…

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Anthurium baby plant

Anthurium baby plant (Do not supply tissue culture plant) Anthurium propagation by tissue culture techniques appears as an alternative to increase the production. Tissue culture is simply put the process…

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Euphorbia lactea photo gallery

See photos of Euphorbia lactea at my garden.  

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Red Anthurium

Anthurium “Thai variety” for sale

Photo Anthurium ‘Thai varieties’ for sale Anthurium are tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape brigh waxy flowers. Anthurium can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates…

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Aglaonema image

Aglaonema poster image.

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