Aquarium Plant Name List

Name list of freshwater aquarium plant species A-Z All aquatic plants are fully submersed use for aquarium fish tank. We carry a highly recommended varieties of freshwater aquarium plant species…

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Aquarium plant photos

“Aquarium plant photos from our nursery” Photographs taken by Pat Prakobphol and collected by Ewaterplant’s staff.

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Plant on rock1

Plant on rock

Aquarium plant on rock

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Aquarium plant on wood

Aquarium plant on driftwood  

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Pogostemon helferi (Downoi)

Pogostemon helferi : The best foreground aquarium plant Pogostemon helferi or Downoi in “Thai” which translates into English as “Little Star” is a beautiful plant of foreground aquarium, which under favourable…

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 Vesicularia dubyana “Christmas moss” It is commonly name as “Christmas tree moss” because of its side branch structure which distinguishes it from ordinary Vesicularia dubyana and looks like fir tree branches. It…

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Vallisneria species   Vallisneria spiralis This species grows in any normal aquarium conditions & is the most common of all aquarium plants. It is not exacting to the composition of…

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Trichomanes species Trichomanes  rivularis Description pH range: 5.8-9 Temperature range: 20-28 C Water hardness:  Soft-hard Propagation:: From cuttings Habitat: Mexico Packing Type :  Loose , Bundle , Pot  Trichomanes  javanicum ‘Aqua fern’ Description pH range: 5.5-8 Temperature…

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Sagittaria aquarium plant   Sagittaria platyphylla A swamp plant 20 – 50 cm tall from the Mississippi River valley. Submerged leaves as illustrated are 10 – 25 cm long &…

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Rotala : Aquarium plant  Rotala indica Common Name: Beanstalk Description pH range: 5.8-7 Temperature range: 22-26 C Water hardness:  Soft Propagation:: From cuttings Habitat: Asia Packing Type :  Loose , Bundle , Pot  Rotala macrandra Rotala…

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