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Tropical water lilies are referred to as “tropicals” because of their dislike for cold weather. Tropical water lily colours are typically blue, pink, purple, red, yellow and white. They are are available in both day and night blooming varieties. Tropical water lilies bloom much more profusely than hardies with three to five blooms open on most days during warm weather. They are intensely fragrant with a pleasing and pervasive aroma.

There are 39 varieties of tropical water lilies in my garden for choosing.


Pink Capensis water lilyCorolata Water lilyTina Nymphaea water lily
Pink CapensisCorolataTina
Royal purple Thailand waterlily pondYellow supan water lilyWater lily Queen of Siam variegate leave
Royal purpleYellow supanQueen of Siam
Panama pacificKing blue waterliliesEagle blue variegate leave
Panama pacificKing BlueEagle Blue
Pure "White Thanmmanoon" water lilyDinner light Nymphaea for salePloy Dang water lily
White ThammanoonDinner lightPloy Dang
Ruby "Tropical water lily"DaubenNymphaea water lily"August Koch"
RubyDaubenAugust Koch
Pink Praow Chompoo water lilyWhite Mongkol flowerIslamorada water lily flower
PraowWhite MonkolIslamorada
Lindsey woods purple water lilyThai Blue CapensisHilary Pink Tropical water lily
Lindsey woodsBlue capensisHilary
Deep Red Maroon waterlily flowerAlbert greenburgDirector G.T Moore
Maroon pinkAlbert greenburgDirector G.T Moore
Water lily "King of Siam" flowerJongkolnee Thai water lilyMaeploy Night bloom water lily
King of SiamJongkolneeMaeploy (Night bloom)
Nangkwag purple flowerPink NangkwagPurple Joy water lily for sale
Nangkwag purpleNangkwag pinkPurple Joy
King of the blue
PheerayaDao FahKing of the blue
Murazaki water lily
Lady BlueRungNapha
White night bloomer waterlilyPink night bloomer waterlily
White Night (Night blooming)
Red Night (Night blooming)Victoria amazonica 
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Hardy water lilies are available in the same color as tropicals but they are not available in blue and violet. They are available in a range of flower colours including Orange, Pink, Peach, Red, Yellow and White. There are 42 varieties of hardy water lilies in my garden for choosing.

Chromatella Hardy water lilyMangkala Ubol Thai Hardy water lilyFabiola Pink Hardy waterlilies
ChromatellaMangkala ubolFabiola
Chalene strawn hardy varietyColorado Orange hardy NymphaeaThai hardy water lily Joey Tomacik
Chalene strawnColoradoJoey Tomacik
Pink sensation Hardy water lily pondYellow Mexicana flowerMadame Wilfron Gonnere
Pink sensationMexicanaMadame Wilfron Gonnere
Red Hardy waterlily FlammeaChubbyInner light
FlammeaChubbyInner light
Water lily hardy Rose Arey hybridStar brightYellow Sunrise Hardy water lily Thailand
Rose Arey hybridStar brightSunrise
Colossea white hardyEllisiana Red water lilyRed Hardy water lily Attraction
James Brydon Red colour waterlilyYellow BangpraCrystal pink
James BrydonYellow BangpraCrystal pink
Thai Hardy water lily WanvisaPeach and creamHermine White Hardy water lily
WanvisaPeach and creamHermine
Black swan Hardy water lilyPinwaree Yellow Hardy water lilies flowerMayla
Black swanPinwareeMayla
Pink PattayaPraguysadThongSab
Tabtim Siam water lilyYellow submarine
Tabtim SiamYellow submarineThai Opal
Steven Strawn
ParaneeWanvisa (Hybrid)
Ruby StarRaspberryParavee
JakkaphongJakkaphongBig Floyd
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