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Dracaena sanderiana “Lucky bamboo” for wholesale order.

We have many styles of lucky bamboo as Straight stick, stalk, Braide styles, Spiral, Tower, Woven shape, Vase shape, Pin basket, Bottle shape, China wall styles Also new item lotus bamboo.

We ship lucky bamboo by air cargo only (No service shipping by airmail)

BB1Braided5-Strings 'Gold' Braided40CM
BB2Braided5-Strings 'Gold' Braided50CM
BB3Braided5-Strings 'Silver' Braided40CM
BB4Braided5-Strings 'Silver' Braided50CM
BB5Braided5-Strings 'Green' Braided40CM
BB6Braided5-Strings 'Green' Braided50CM
BB7Braided10-Strings 'Gold' Braided40CM
BB8Braided10-Strings 'Gold' Braided50CM
BB9Braided10-Strings 'Silver' Braided40CM
BB10Braided10-Strings 'Silver' Braided50CM
BB11Braided10-Strings 'Green' Braided40CM
BB12Braided10-Strings 'Green' Braided50CM
BB14CoiledCoiled Shoot 'Spring'60CM
BB15CoiledCoiled Shoot 'Spring'80CM
BB16SpiralLucky bamboo 'Spring'80CM
BB17SpiralLucky bamboo 'Spring'100CM
BB18SpiralLucky bamboo 'Spring'120CM
BB19StalkStraight Green Stalk20CM
BB20StalkStraight Green Stalk30CM
BB21StalkStraight Green Stalk50CM
BB23StickStraight Green Stick30CM
BB24StickStraight Green Stick50CM
BB25StickStraight Green Stick60CM
BB26StickStraight Green Stick80CM
BB27TowerTower 2 Tiers7/10 CM
BB28TowerTower 3 Tiers10/15/20CM
BB29TowerTower 5 Tiers7/10/15/20/30
BB30VaseVase shape 20 strings 'Green'40CM
BB31VaseVase shape 20 strings 'Green'50CM
BB32Woven straightCross shape woven 'Green'40CM
BB33Woven straightCross shape woven 'Green'50CM
BB34Cross roundCross round shape 20 strings 'Green'40CM
BB35Cross roundCross round shape 20 strings 'Green'50CM
BB36Crown straightCrown shape 20 strings 'Green'40CM
BB37Crown straightCrown shape 20 strings 'Green'50CM
BB41Crown roundCrown round 20 strings 'Green'40CM
BB42Crown roundCrown round 20 strings 'Green'50CM
BB43BottleChampagne bottle shape40CM
BB44BasketBasket style40CM
BB45WallChina wall style15CM
BB46TwinTwin coiled30CM

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