Catalog Adenium large caudex

Adenium large caudex

All adenium varieties in the collection have a large colourful flowering continues throughout the year. The plants are extremely healthy and fully hardy also require very little care.

  • Grafted Adenium in pot 11″ caudex diameter 6-8″ (All are adenium double, triple, multi layer flowers)
  • Adenium Thai hybrids for sale in assorted colors.
  • There are 5 assorted colours Red, Pink, Yellow, White and Violet.
  • You will receive assorted bright color in different varieties in this assortment.

Please see the varieties in each color group as below (Sorry, unable to choose varieties/ flower code) 

Adenium ‘Red flowers’ mix varieties

Adenium mix red double triple petal flower


Adenium ‘Pink flowers’ mix varieties

Adenium pink double triple petal flower for sale


Adenium ‘Yellow flowers’ mix varieties

Yellow double triple petal flower adenium for sale


Adenium ‘Violet flowers’ mix varieties

Purple adenium double flower


Adenium ‘White flowers’ mix varieties

white flower adenium rosy from Thailand


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‘Bare root’
Adenium large caudex


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