Bougainvillea in Thailand

Bougainvillea for sale

Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that bursts forth with colorful flowers all year round. Bougainvillea in Thailand there are 8 flower colors Blue, Orange, Pink, Peach, Red, White, Violet and yellow. It’s a drought tolerant very famous for growing in Thailand.¬† My Bougainvillea are available size height 30-40 cm.

We supply the Bougainvillea grafted 3-4 color in pot 8″ and the Bougainvillea rooted cutting in nursery bag 5 inch.

Bougainvillea rooted cutting in nursery bag.

  • Rooted plant in nursery bag 5 inch
  • Bougainvillea is height 30 cm
  • Cleaned bare root before shipping
  • Ready for repotting and sale



Bougainvillea assorted color

Bougainvillea cutting

Bougainvillea for sale


Bougainvillea grafted 3-4 color height 30-40cm

  • Bougainvillea is height 30-40 cm in pot 8 inch
  • They are grafted plant (3-4 colours grafting)
  • Trimmed some leaves off for reducing transpiration while transportation
  • Matured plants ready for repotting and sale

Bougainvillea grafted plant

Bougainvillea garden

Bougainvillea multi grafted 3 color


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