Barclaya is an attractive reddish brown plant. It’s popular aquarium plant, and often used as a centerpiece for an aquarium. It flowers well in aquariums – even under water if the aquarium is so tall that the flower cannot reach the water surface.

Barclaya longifoliaBarclaya longifolia RED
Barclaya longifoliaBarclaya longifolia¬†‘Red Form’

There are two forms one with green upper leaf another with red upper leaf. Requires high light and good fertilization of rootstock – especially the red leaf variety.


pH range: 6.0 – 7.0
Temperature range: 22 – 28C
Water hardness: soft-hard
Propagation: By seed or from side shoots of rhizome.
Habitat: plant, MianmarPacking Type : Loose , Bundle , Pot


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