Purchase Plumeria seed

Quality Plumeria seed

Plumeria seed (Frangipani)  ‘New 40 varieties collection’ Plumeria seeds contain of 300, 500, 1,000 seeds mixed varieties each package. Minimum order quantity is 300 seeds sending by air mail. Seeds…

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Hoya ‘Heart leave’

Hoya kerrii ‘Heart leave’ for sale Green Hoya (whole plain green) Variegate leave Hoya (green with yellow) Painted Hoya sweetheart (For Valentine’s day) 4 painted styles available. Available both Hoya bare…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Who is Ewaterplant ? A :  We have been exporting aquarium fish under the name of V.aquarium Thailand  Co.,Ltd  for  more than 36 years.  We are one of the pioneering…

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Seeds of adenium double flower

Adenium seed- assorted variety

1. Adenium obesum seed (Free pollinated seed) Adenium seeds are mixed varieties & colors in a package. All seeds are collected from Adenium obesum varieties in my nursery. Adenium seeds…

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Packing Euphorbia milii size S

Thai Euphorbia milii packing

Euphorbia milii  ‘Packing for export’ Euphorbia milii size 10-12cm (4 inch) See our packing Euphorbia milii size 4″ , packing 1,000 plants/Box Euphorbia milii size 6 inch *This item is…

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Visit Anthurium nursery

Visit a Genuine Anthurium Nursery in Thailand This is a famous and well-know Thai Anthurium nursery in Thailand. They offer a wide range of Anthurium cultivars of new hybrids/color. They…

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Aquarium Plant Name List

Name list of freshwater aquarium plant species A-Z All aquatic plants are fully submersed use for aquarium fish tank. We carry a highly recommended varieties of freshwater aquarium plant species…

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Aquarium plants   Water lily   Lucky Bamboo   Adenium plant “Desert Rose”   Plumeria   Euphorbia milii   Aglaonema   Bougainvillea   Euphorbia lactea    Plant seed    Hoya…

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Minimum order requirement

Minimum order requires* 6.1  Wholesale order : 900$US – air freight shipping to destination airport 6.2  Retail order : 200$US – shipping airmail, EMS, FedEx, UPS 6.3  Seed order :…

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Aquarium plant photos

“Aquarium plant photos from our nursery” Photographs taken by Pat Prakobphol and collected by Ewaterplant’s staff.

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