Aglaonema Bangkok

Aglaonema Houseplants for sale -photo catalog

Thai Aglaonema varieties for sale. Aglaonema plants are popular decorative houseplants and ornamental plants for offices and shopping malls because they are among the easiest houseplants to grow. Aglaonema is…

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Red Anthurium

Anthurium “Thai variety” for sale

Photo Anthurium ‘Thai varieties’ for sale Anthurium are tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape brigh waxy flowers. Anthurium can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates…

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Plumeria flower

Thai Plumeria 40 flowers -New varieties

Plumeria new hybrid 40 flowers. It looks fantastic colors with large flower and most fragrant “ All plumeria grafted plants aged 2 years. They have strong root sysyem, growing very…

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Promotion  “January 2023” Water lily Buy 3,000 pcs, 15% OFF   Lucky bamboo Buy 2,000$, 10% OFF   Adenium Buy 500 pcs, 10% OFF    Plumeria Buy 500 pcs, 10% OFF…

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Sanseveria cylindrica Common names Cylindrical snake plant, Afican spear, Spear sansevieria, Spear Orchid, Skyline spear sansevieria Sansevieria cylindrica is a succulent that consists of upright, gray-green, subtly striped leaves. The…

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Spathoglottis hybrid The common name for Spathoglottis is ‘Ground Orchids’ In tropical climates, Spathoglottis are commonly seen growing as garden plants and can be planted directly in the ground as…

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Bougainvillea in Thailand

Bougainvillea for sale Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that bursts forth with colorful flowers all year round. Bougainvillea in Thailand there are 8 flower colors Blue, Orange, Pink, Peach, Red,…

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Garden flowers House plant

Anthurium flowers are available

The Anthurium plant is very easy to take care of. Anthurium is tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape bright waxy flowers. It prefers constantly moist soil and low…

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About us

We are one of the largest sources of Aquatic plants ,Houseplants and Gardening plant in Thailand. We are a leading plant export nursery in Thailand. We offer more 400 varieties…

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