Aquarium plant tissue culture

Aquarium plant tissue culture -assorted variety

      Aquarium plants [Tissue Culture] or also known as micropropagation, our method of reproducing plants will be in a controlled environment using small sections of plant tissue.

      The process of tissue culture starts with the selection of a healthy parent plant. Small pieces of tissue, such as a leaf or a stem, are then taken from the parent plant and placed in a sterile container with a nutrient-rich growth medium, then our tissue will be placed in a controlled environment (growth chamber), where it is exposed to the correct amount of light, temperature, and humidity to promote growth.

      Our price is competitive, and we take responsibility for any quality uncertainty. Presently, we are looking forward to more cooperation with overseas based on mutual profit. Our qualified staff will do their utmost to supply you with our high-quality goods and service. Advanced equipment, a professional workforce, and a precise QC inspection system ensure our items meet all standards. 

      We assure our tissue plants are free found from pests and diseases 100%


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