Aqua fertilizer : Tablet fertilizer

1. Fertilizer tablets for enhanced flowering water lily and lotus

Formula 10 – 25 – 20 ( N-P-K)   Net Wt 70 g

Once a month. Use 2-4 tablets during growing season

 waterlily tab fer

 2. Fertilizer spikes for all flower pot plants, tree & shrubs

Formula 10 – 30 – 15 ( N-P-K)   Net Wt 75 g

Once a month, push 1-2 spikes for small size container ( Diameter 4″-6″) and 4-8 spikes for bigger container ( Diameter 8″-16″) 

waterlily tab fer2

 3. Aquatic Plant Food Liquid  

Contains a special formula that is readily absorbed through the plant leaves, supplying plants with these essential nutrients. Promotes growth of all aquatic plants, including water hyacinths and water lilies.

Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-3
Soluble Potash (K20): 3% 
Iron (Fe):0.10%
0.10% Chelated Iron (Fe) 

Iron and potassium in pond water quickly becomes depleted; resulting in yellow decaying leaves and poor growth.


 4. Liquid Fertilizer 

Promotes growth of all aquatic plants

Formula 18 – 18 – 18 ( N-P-K)  

 Net Vol 300 ml

aqua food

 5. Aquarium Plant Fertilizer

plant fertilizer 1

Description: A natural plant food  ,which promotes the growth of aquatic plants . This product keeps your plants green at all times.

plant fertilizer 2

Brand: Aqua Flora

Packing liquid type: 25 , 50 , 100 ml
Packing capsule type : 20 cap / Bag

 6. Herb for Betta  : Dry Indian almond leaves

almond leaf1 almond leaf2 

 almond leaf3 almond leaf4

The Multiple Benefits Of The Dry Indian Almond Leaves
– Herb for your bettas.
– Improve water condition.
– Energize your bettas.
– Make your bettas healthy.
– Improve scales for betta fighters.
– Prevent your bettas from fungal and bacterial
We use Indian Almond leaves for different purposes. Basically the leaf releases these anti-bacterial substances into the water and the water gradually turn brown like hot tea color.

 **Dosage of crushed leaves for your bettas: Put approximately 4 – 5 square inches of leaf to treat  1/2 gallaon of water and 6 – 7 square inches to treat 1 gallon jar of water**


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