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Thai Aglaonema varieties for sale.

Aglaonema plants are popular decorative houseplants and ornamental plants for offices and shopping malls because they are among the easiest houseplants to grow. Aglaonema is a genus of about 40 species of foliage plants in the family “Araceae” They prefer indirect light and partial shade. They do best in shadow-less light, such as a north window. They are easy to propagate from cuttings, which will root in a glass of water or from divisions.

Our Aglaonema variety 

  • Aglaonema group A : New variety
  • Aglaonema group B : Popular variety 
  • Aglaonema group N : Premium variety 
  • Aglaonema group R : Red mixed variety 

Plant specification

  • Aglaonema grows in pot 4″ Height 15-20 cm
  • Aglaonema has 4-5 leaves at least.
  • Aglaonema are removed from pot cleansing root and leaves.
  • Wrapped news paper and contain in cardboard box.

Aglaonema products

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