Adenium seed- assorted variety

1. Adenium obesum seed (Free pollinated seed)

  • Adenium seeds are mixed varieties & colors in a package.
  • All seeds are collected from Adenium obesum varieties in my nursery.
  • Adenium seeds are free pollinated, No hand pollination.

Flowers type

  • ‘Standard flower seeds’ are collected from Adenium ‘standard flower’ mother plants. (getting the standard flowers seedling)
  • ‘Hybrid flower seeds’ are collected from Adenium ‘double, triple, multi layer flowers’ mother plants. (getting 60% ‘double, triple flowers seedling)


  • Adenium desert rose seeds 1 pack contain 300 seed (starter pack) 1,000 seeds (standard package) and 10,000 seed (large pack).
  • Minimum order quantity require 1 pack, shipping by registered airmail/ EMS.

Germination rate

  • The seeds are 100% fresh and new collected within a month before shipping.
  • A minimum guarantees 85-90% germination success rate. Many customers experience 95% success. Your success will vary depending on your experience and germination conditions.


Adenium obesum seedQty/Pack
starter pack300 seed
starter pack500 seed
1 standard pack1,000 seed
2 standard pack2,000 seed
3 standard pack3,000 seed
5 standard pack5,000 seed
10 standard pack10,000 seed
50 standard pack50,000 seed
10 LARGE PACK100,000 seed


Adenium obesum ‘double/ triple flowers’

Adenium hybrid double triple flowers seed


Adenium obesum ‘standard flower’


Adenium obesum seed ‘standrad flower’

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2. Adenium arabicum seed ‘mixed varieties’

  • Arabicum – Yak Saudi (LB, SB, PNW, YM, YDS, YDK)
  • Arabicum – Rar Chi Nee Pan Dok

Adenium arabicum seed

3. Adenium socotranum seed ‘mixed varieties’

  • Thai Socotranum (KHZ, BK, PKK)

Adenium socotranum seed

New seed of Adenium arabicum seed


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