Adenium rosy flower ‘new hybrid varieties’

We offers the best quality of Thai Rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers and Adenium standard flower from Thailand.

Adenium obesum – Called ‘Desert Rose Plant’ – produces a bizarre and attractive fat swollen trunk that makes this plant perfect for a bonsai specimen. It produces beautiful 2 inch bell shaped multi colors flowers all year long.

This is spectacular plant that can be grown indoors or out. Desert Rose will grow into a small shrub 3-6 feet tall when planted in the landscape. Plant in full sun to light shade in a fast draining soil. Desert Rose is drought tolerant, but looks best with regular water during the growing season, it needs little water during winter months. Desert Rose will not tolerate frost, use as house where minimum temperature fall below 35 F. This plant can be grown in a container indefinitely. Needs lots of light and fresh air. Keep in a bright location in winter. In summer move outdoors to a sunny or partly shaded location.

We supply the best quality Adenium to worldwide. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty. Presently, we are looking forward to more cooperation with overseas based on mutual profit. Our qualified staff will do their utmost to supply you with our high-quality goods and service. Advanced equipment, professional workforce, and precise QC inspection system ensure our items to meet the all standard.

There are available 8 group of different flowers (All our Adeniums are grafted plants have double/ triple or multi petal layer flower)

Thai adenium variegate leave : Group A

Thai adenium double / triple flower : Group  B-C

Thai brilliant rosy adenium  : Group D

Deluxe adenium desert Rose :  Group E-F

The colorful adenium : Group G

New adenium amazing Thailand : Group H

Adenium premium flowers : Group I

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