Packing Adenium for shipping / Adenium caudex size

Adenium specification / Caudex size available

  • Standard caudex diameter 2.0-2.5″  (adenium grow in pot 6″)
  • Medium caudex diameter 4.0-5.0″ (adenium grow in pot 8″)
  • Large caudex diameter 6.0-8.0″ (adenium grow in pot 11″)
  • Fancy Adenium multi grafted 3 color in 1 plant (medium caudex 4-5″)

Packing Adenium for shipping by air freight

We pack international Adenium orders very carefully, keeping your regulations in mind. All Adeniums are packed in high quality strong 5 Layers cardboard boxes and using especially thin slit newspaper packing material. All plants are individually labeled. A Phytosanitary certificate is provided for all plant orders and sent along with the consignment.

Quantity per Box 

  • Standard caudex diameter 2.0-2.5″ contains 100pcs/Box
  • Medium caudex diameter 4.0-5.0″ contains 30pcs/Box
  • Large caudex diameter 6.0-8.0″ contains 10pcs/Box
  • Fancy Adenium 3 color in 1 plant contains 30pcs/Box

Adenium grafted ‘standard caudex’


Adenium grafted ‘medium caudex’


Adenium grafted ‘large caudex’


Adenium multi grafted ‘fancy 3 colors’


Adenium arabicum



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