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We are one of the largest sources of Aquatic plants ,Houseplants and Gardening plant in Thailand.

We are a leading plant export nursery in Thailand. We offer more 400 varieties of aquarium plant, water lily & lotus, plants for water garden, dracaena lucky bamboo also houseplants such as Adenium, Aglaonema, Plumeria, Euphorbia milii, flowers seed, etc. We have been over 17 years experience working with genuine plant growers and ornamental plant nursery in Thailand. Our products are collected carefully and they are free from any prohibited pesticides according to the standards of the countries of the European Union and United States.

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We are seriously in quarantine processing and disease control by specialist and hi-tech lab hardware. With cooperation and support by Department of Fisheries, Thailand. We aim to export only quality products with very reasonable price to wholesale markets worldwide.

Our  company is  member of AFFECT ( Aquatic Fauna and Flora Exporters Council of Thailand ) We have hold an “Export permit” with Department of Fisheries also registered plant nursery with department of agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and co-operative Thailand.


Office (Open Mon-Sat : 10.00-17.00)

Our office locates in NongKham District, travel time 90 minute by taxi from central Bangkok (Sukhumvit road)
* This place is not the plant nursery.

images-home2      263 LeabKlongParsriCharoen Fangtai Road, Nongkham , Bangkok 10160  Thailand

    Garden +66-81-4641325

phone-1    Office  +66-2-4293118



Plant nursery :  Closed For Visitors

Our nursery remain temporarily closed for visitors.

– Aquatic plant nursery locates in Prachinburi province far 250 km from Bangkok
– Gardening plant nursery locates in Phichit province far 420 km from Bangkok.

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* Wholesale price : starting at 1,000 $US exclude air freight.
* Retail price : starting at 200 $US exclude shipping cost, doorstep delivery.
After submit this form you will get the price list within 24 hours.



This web site is registered with the DBD, the Ministry of commerce of Thailand

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