Aquarium Plant Name List

Name list of freshwater aquarium plant species A-Z All aquatic plants are fully submersed use for aquarium fish tank. We carry a highly recommended varieties of freshwater aquarium plant species…

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Tropical water lily in Thailand

Tropical water lily for sale in Thailand. Water lily is a popular ornamental plant widely growing in Thailand. When we travel anywhere you will find the waterlilies flower bloom in…

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Aquarium plants   Water lily   Lucky Bamboo   Adenium plant “Desert Rose”   Plumeria   Euphorbia milii   Aglaonema   Bougainvillea   Euphorbia lactea    Plant seed    Hoya…

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Plumeria flower

Thai Plumeria 40 flowers -New varieties

Plumeria new hybrid 40 flowers. It looks fantastic colors with large flower and most fragrant “ All plumeria grafted plants aged 2 years. They have strong root sysyem, growing very…

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Seeds of adenium double flower

Adenium seed- assorted variety

1. Adenium obesum seed (Free pollinated seed) Adenium seeds are mixed varieties & colors in a package. All seeds are collected from Adenium obesum varieties in my nursery. Adenium seeds…

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our staff

About us

We are one of the largest sources of Aquatic plants ,Houseplants and Gardening plant in Thailand. We are a leading plant export nursery in Thailand. We offer more 400 varieties…

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Adenium hybrid product

Adenium ‘new hybrid’ varieties

We offers the best quality of Thai Rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers from Thailand. Adenium obesum – Called The Desert Rose Plant – produces a bizarre and attractive…

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Dracaena Lucky Bamboo collections

A large collection of Dracaena lucky bamboo in Thailand. We provide all kind of lucky bamboo at reasonable prices. We have shipped the finest Dracaena sanderiana from Thailand to our…

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Catalog Euphorbia milii for sale

Euphorbia milii ‘new hybrid flowers’ in Thailand

‘New hybrid flowers’ Euphorbia milii varieties in Thailand        Euphorbia milii (Crown of Thorns), known in Thai as Poy-sean. Euphorbia milii need full sun to partial shade with…

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Promotion  “April 2024” Water lily Buy 3,000 pcs, 15% OFF   Adenium Buy 500 pcs, 10% OFF    Plumeria Buy 500 pcs, 10% OFF    Euphorbia milii Buy 2,000 pcs, 10%…

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