Miniture ‘Bonsai’  Mini Bonsai size 5-6 inch age 2 years. They were arranged from seedling of Carmona retusa and Feroniella lucida.

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Aqua fertilizer : Tablet fertilizer

1. Fertilizer tablets for enhanced flowering water lily and lotus Formula 10 – 25 – 20 ( N-P-K)   Net Wt 70 g Once a month. Use 2-4 tablets during growing season…

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wanwisa hardy water lily BEST NEW WATERLILY 2010

“Wanvisa” Winner Best New Water lily 2010

“Wanvisa” Thai popular hardy water lily A hardy waterlily from Thailand was named Best New Waterlily for 2010, acing out 30 other entrants in the competition sponsored by the International…

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