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Adenium rosy flower ‘new hybrid varieties’

We offers the best quality of Thai Rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers and Adenium standard flower from Thailand. Adenium obesum – Called ‘Desert Rose Plant’ – produces a bizarre…

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Aquatic plant nursery and Water lily garden

Ewaterplant aquatic plant nursery and water lily garden. One stop service to find aquatic plant and water lily pond in Thailand “        We has been growing aquatic…

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Packing Euphorbia milii size S

Thai Euphorbia milii packing

Euphorbia milii  ‘Packing for export’ Euphorbia milii size 10-12cm (4 inch) See our packing Euphorbia milii size 4″ , packing 1,000 plants/Box Euphorbia milii size 6 inch *This item is…

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Euphorbia milii nursery

Visit a Genuine Euphorbia milii Nursery in Thailand

A Genuine Euphorbia milii agriculturist and Nursery in Thailand.       This is a famous and well know Thai Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns) nursery in Thailand. They grow…

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Packing the plants

Packing the plants for overseas orders/ international shipping. please click on any boxes to find the plants 🙂 

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Desert rose cheap sale

Full gallery – Thai Rosy Adenium Double Triple Flower (150 photos)

We offers the best quality of Thai rosy adenium and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers from Thailand. Adenium obesum – Called ‘Desert rose plant’ – produces a bizarre and…

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Photo Thai Plumeria variety

Photo gallery of Plumeria ‘frangipani’  

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Packing Adenium for shipping / Adenium caudex size

Adenium specification / Caudex size available Standard caudex diameter 2.0-2.5″  (adenium grow in pot 6″) Medium caudex diameter 4.0-5.0″ (adenium grow in pot 8″) Large caudex diameter 6.0-8.0″ (adenium grow…

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Dracaena Lucky Bamboo collections

A large collection of Dracaena lucky bamboo in Thailand. We provide all kind of lucky bamboo at reasonable prices. We have shipped the finest Dracaena sanderiana from Thailand to our…

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Red aglaonema Thailand

Aglaonema size and packing for oversea order.

PLANT SIZE Aglaonema grows in pot 4″ Aglaonema has 4-5 leaves at least. Aglaonema are removed from pot cleansing root and leaves. We send  Aglaonema without material growth. PACKING Packing…

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