Red Anthurium

Anthurium “Thai variety” for sale

Photo Anthurium ‘Thai varieties’ for sale Anthurium are tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape brigh waxy flowers. Anthurium can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates…

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7 steps to plant Victoria water lily.

❓❓How to plant a Giant water lily? Firstly, you need to plant them carefully ‼️by starting with putting them in a pot and be careful not to let the clay…

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Garden flowers House plant

Anthurium flowers are available

The Anthurium plant is very easy to take care of. Anthurium is tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape bright waxy flowers. It prefers constantly moist soil and low…

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Desert rose variegate

Adenium variegate leaves – Group A

Thai Adenium variegate leaves : Group A A great range of new hybrid and rare Adenium variegate leave in Thailand. Now available 6 varieties.  

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Visit Anthurium nursery

Visit a Genuine Anthurium Nursery in Thailand This is a famous and well-know Thai Anthurium nursery in Thailand. They offer a wide range of Anthurium cultivars of new hybrids/color. They…

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Photo Thai water lily for sale

Photo gallery ‘Thai water lily for sale’  

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Buy Cheap Adenium

Bangkok Rosy Adenium plant – Group B

Thai adenium double / triple flower : Group  B There are many varieties of Thai Rosy Adenium plant available at Ewaterplant shop to add of beauty and grace to your…

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Viviparous water lily

Viviparous water lily from leaves It means germinating while still attached to the parent plant or producing plantlets. In waterlilies there are several ways these little new plants are produced….

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Anthurium baby plant

Anthurium baby plant (Do not supply tissue culture plant) Anthurium propagation by tissue culture techniques appears as an alternative to increase the production. Tissue culture is simply put the process…

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Pratumma Adenium

Thai Rosy Adenium hybrids – Group C

We offer the best quality of Adenium grafted plant and new Adenium hybrids double triple flowers and Rosy Adenium hybrid varieties from Thailand.   Thai Rosy Adenium for sale : Group …

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