Dry lotus seed from Thailand

Catalog Lotus seed

Lotus seed (Nelumbo seed) Quantity 500 seed/Pack Mixed Pink and White Nelumbo seed Minimum order quantity require 500 seeds send by registered air mail. The seeds are 100% fresh and…

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Desert rose variegate

Adenium variegate leaves – Set A

Thai Adenium variegate leaves : Set A A great range of new hybrid and rare Adenium variegate leave in Thailand. Now available 6 varieties.  

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How to propagate lotus from seed : 6 Steps

To propagate lotus from seed. 1. To begin with collect the healthy seed from dry lotus seed head. Do not get fresh lotus seed. Fresh lotus seed head Fresh lotus…

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Minimum order requirement

Minimum order requires* 6.1  Wholesale order : 900$US – air freight shipping to destination airport 6.2  Personal order : 200$US – shipping airmail, EMS, FedEx, DHL 6.3  Seed order :…

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Euphorbia lactea photo gallery

Photos loading, please be patient…  

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Assorted Colors Thai Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii Set C – Assorted 5 colors Size available 4 inch (10 cm) Euphorbia milii Thai hybrids for sale in assorted colors. There are 5 assorted color Red, Pink,…

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Euphorbia Lactea crest – Thai Garden

A Genuine Euphorbia lactea agriculturist and Nursery in Thailand. A well known Thai Euphorbia lactea nursery in Thailand. Offer 12 color crest, size 4-5 inches crest width and 6 inches…

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Plumeria seed pod

Plumeria seed

Fresh Plumeria seed pod Wait until it has dry by itself We select only the good and healthy seeds and keep in storage temperature 15 degree celcius.  Our Plumeria seed  are…

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our staff

About us

We are one of the largest sources of Aquatic plants ,Houseplants and Gardening plant in Thailand. We are a leading plant export nursery in Thailand. We offer more 400 varieties…

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purchase online

Ordering process

How to order First contact, Please browse through  PLANT CATALOG >>  to find more information about the plants what you are looking for.  Request a price list by filling out …

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