Tropical water lily in Thailand

Tropical water lily for pond in Thailand        

       Water lily is a popular ornamental plant widely growing in Thailand. When we travel anywhere you will find the waterlilies flower bloom in a pond along the way. Thai lives in the past related closely to waterlily. "Bua" Thai word is called for both water lily and lotus. In Thai cultural the lotus has referred as a Buddhist symbol that means "Peace in mind"  Water lily stem can be used for cooking as Thai food "Kang Som Sai Bua" , lotus seed become  Thai dessert and dry flower become Thai herb. 
       At present, there are many farmers have cultivated water lily for commercial supply to pond gardener, houseplant lover and international market. There are 9 color of Thai water lily flower such as white, pink ,red, yellow, orange, blue, purple blue, purple red and two tone. More than 60 varieties have generally found in Thai water lily grower/ gardener.
      Growing beautiful water lilies can be as easy work. There are 6 things water lily will become their greatest beauty bloom.  A good fertilizer or nutrient for root, Soil, Sun, wind and appropriate water depth and finally A good environment that cleared pests /diseases of Water lily.

      We are a leading Thai grower of water lily tropical and hardy, Supplies more 60 ordinary varieties and new hybrids since 1997.   

 Tropical water lily varieties in our garden.


tropical water lily Pink Capensis Corolata water lily Tina Thai ptopical water lily
Pink Capensis Corolata Tina
 Royal Purple  Yellow Supan  Queen of Siam
Royal purple Yellow supan Queen of Siam
 Panama pacific  King Blue  Eagle Blue
Panama pacific King Blue Eagle Blue
White Thammanoon water lily  Dinner light  Ploi Dang
White Thammanoon Dinner light Ploy Dang
Ruby Thai water lily  Dauben  August Koch
Ruby Dauben August Koch
White Mongkol Islamorada
Praow White Monkol Islamorada
 Blue-capensis  Hilary
Lindsey woods Blue capensis Hilary
Maroon pink Albert greenburg
Maroon pink Albert greenburg Director G.T Moore
King of Siam Waterlily Thailand Night blooming water lily Maeploi
King of Siam Jongkolnee Maeploi (Night bloom)
Nangkwag s Nangkwag2 s night s
Nangkwag purple Nangkwag pink Thai Red (Night bloom)
Purple join New Pink hybrid  King of the blue

Hardy water lily

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