We are one of the largest resources of aquatic plant and ornamental plant in Thailand.      The Ewaterplant Inc. We are one of the largest aquatic plants suppliers and resource for the pond plant in Thailand. We provide all kind of aquarium plants available for freshwater aquariums. We ship the finest aquatic plants to aquarium enthusiasts world wide. Our aquaculture specialists have 35 years experience working with freshwater aquarium plants ,pond plants ,Thai water lily ,lucky bamboo Read more

Nymphaea rubra : Live aquarium plant Nymphaea rubra is hibitat in Asia and is quite an easy to grow in the aquarium.                     Nymphaea rubra is a mini water lily commonly know as red dwarf lily. It is a beautiful plant with reddish leaves before forming the floating leaves. Nymphaea rubra has many forms underwater leaves If you don't want floating leaves, trim the leaves off. When the plant grows older it sometimes sends a flower stem up to the water surface with an aromatic, Read more

 Alternanthera aquarium plant species Alternanthera sp.'Red Round' pH range: 6.8 - 7.0 Temperature range: 20-25 C Water hardness: Hardness 80-150 ppm Propagation: Vegetatively from cuttings. Habitat: America  Asia & Africa. Availability: Readily available Packing Type : Loose , Bundle , Pot  Alternanthera lilacina Alternanthera rosaefolia Alternanthera reineckii Alternanthera sessilis Bettzickiana red Bettzickiana Aurea  Bettzickiana Read more