Tropical water lily for pond in Thailand                Water lily is a popular ornamental plant widely growing in Thailand. When we travel anywhere you will find the waterlilies flower bloom in a pond along the way. Thai lives in the past related closely to waterlily. "Bua" Thai word is called for both water lily and lotus. In Thai cultural the lotus has referred as a Buddhist symbol that means "Peace in mind"  Water lily stem can be used for cooking as Thai food "Kang Som Sai Bua" , Read more

Water lily and Lotus in Thailand 1. Tropical water lily Tropical Water Lilies are easy-to-grow variety with impressive color, nice fragrance, pretty leaves, and the ability to adjust to the size of the container it is grown in. Requires full to partial sun. A great beginner waterlily.  View highly recommended 30 varieties of Tropical Waterlilies :     2.  Hardy water lily Very highly recommended! 25 varieties of Hardy Water Lily must have for anyone interested in growing hardy Read more

Thai Hardy Water Lily collection       We offer a large selection of hardy water lilies for your pond. Thai Hardy waterlilies can be grown from cool to warm climates. Hardy water lilies are available in four main colors Red, Pink, White,Peach and Yellow. We offer an excellent selection of very high quality hardy water lilies at competitive prices. Chromatella Mangkala ubol Fabiola Chalene strawn Colorado Joey Tomacik Pink sensation Mexicana Madame Wilfron Read more