New hybrid variegate Plumeria This is new hybrid variegate Plumeria Thai named "MAYA" looks wonderful with the pink in the center, leaves changing color from pink to white to green. Plumeria "MAYA variegate" (P-3) The variegate Plumeria variety is appropriately named "Maya". In Thai means "The Magic" and this Plumeria is full of illusions with leaves changing color. Plumeria "Thai Silver variegate" (P-2) The variegate leave Plumeria variety is appropriately named in Thai "Chandra Bai Ngen" Read more

Thai Plumeria cutting : Grafted Plumeria plant for sale       We offers a extensive selection of exotic plumeria plants, plumeria cuttings, and plumeria seeds from Thailand. Plumeria       Plumeria is named after Charles Plumier, a seventeenth-century French botanist who described several tropical species. The genus contains 8 species of mainly deciduous shrubs and trees, originally from Central America, known for their strongly fragrant flowers. Plumeria is common names: plumeria, frangipani, Read more