New Hardy water lily "Queen Sirikit" A Thai horticultural researcher Mr.Pairat Songpanit, an academic in the Department of Agriculture has developed a purple-hued water lily named after Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The new hybrid water lily has petals which are coloured purple at their tips while the base is white. The sepals are in hues of white mixed with green. This cross-pollinated water lily can breed naturally. House Agriculture Magazine  Available from : Read more

Hydrocotyle A plant that grows fast and adapts easily, thriving in relatively hard water. Immediately after planting Hydrocotyle leucocephala will grow towards the light and the surface, where it will spread. It does not need to be rooted, but can be used as a floating plant which provides a hiding-place for young fish.  Hydrocotyle leucocephala Common Name : Cardamine hydrocotyle Description pH range: 5-9 Temperature range: 22-26 C Water hardness: Soft-hard Propagation:: By Read more

     Egeria densa is a good plant for beginners, and its rapid growth helps create a balance in the aquarium from the start. It can also help prevent algae because it absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. The plant secretes antibiotic substances which can help prevent blue green algae. Egeria densa Description pH range: 5-8 Temperature range: 15-26 C Water hardness: medium - hard Propagation: From cuttings. Habitat: South America. Packing Type available Read more