Packing Thai water lily bulb

Photo of Thai water lily cleansing ready for shipment packing.

After we cut water lily from the pond, all water lilies will be trimmed floating leaves and roots off, just keep a few young leaves. Cleansing the soil and treated for quarantine procedure. The plants has been dipping with pesticide, fungicide and snail rid before shipment packing to make sure can import our plants with safe and good conditions as the regulation requires.

  • Shipment packing

    - Packing water lily 20 bulbs/ Bag ,  1 Bag contains 1 name variety
    - Scientific name/ variety name is written on a bag.
    - Weight 23 kg/box contains 450-500 bulbs/box varied to its contents.
    - Box dimensions (cm) : 61 x 46 x 33