Term of sale


1. Price  :  All prices are quoted in US$ FOB Bangkok (excluding freight, handling, packing, cargo agency and documentation costs).    Asking for a price list

2. Minimum purchase order*

   - Wholesale order -shipping air freight to destination airport :  Minimum order amount 1,000$US/shipment or 700$US for a new customer.

  - Small quantity order -shipping Registered post, EMS, FedEx : Minimum order amount 250 $US/Order or Seed 100$

  - Tourist order -delivery service to hotel in Bangkok : Minimum order amount 250$US/Order

     *Not included freight/ shipping cost and other charges.

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3. Freight charge : Basically, cargo charges are based on the actual charges from airline and forwarder , which we will not consider this charge as our profit.

4. Documentations and Handing Charge Air Waybill Fee, Terminal Charges, Transportations, Custom Clearance, and etc. is US$ 70-80 per Shipment.

5.  Certificates charge  25-30$/shipment ( Certificate of origin, A phytosanitary Certificate or CITES )

IF NEED Special declaration / Plant guarantee certificate for importation plants to EU zone has charge 30$/paper. This certificate may not require in some city, it's vary to regulation on the import permit is given.

6. Terms of Payment

    T.T-SMALL2    1. Advance payment by T/T (SWIFT) remittance to Bank Account
(Payments of new customers must be paid in advance 100% deposit according to our proforma invoice as requested from consignee)

    secure-paypal-logo-222    2. Pay with PayPal for retail order, Charge 4.95% of total amount according to a proforma invoice.

    WU_TransitionLogo-small  3. Western union : Transfer money via Western Union to our local bank

7. Packing    

   - Packing Charge : US$ 7 per box for plastic bag, polyfoam box and corrugated cardboard box  /  US$ 5 for packing without polyfoam box. 

shipment packing

   -  Box Dimensions  (W x L x H)

Box of Aquatic plant  : Size  61cm x 46cm x 33cm
Box of Water lily, Lotus  : Size  61cm x 46cm x 33cm
Box of Lucky bamboo :  Size  50cm x 100 cm x 40cm
Box of Adenium, Euphorbia milii, Plumeria : Size  61cm x 46cm x 33cm 

   - Gross Weight : The gross weight per box is varied to its contents. 

Weight of aquatic plant : 17 kg/box (contains 500 Bundle or 200 pots)
Weight of water lily : 23 kg/box (contains 500 bulb)
Weight of Lucky bamboo : 33-40 kg/box
Weight of Adenium : 24 kg/box (contains 100 pcs/box)
Weight of Euphorbia milii : 15 kg/box (contains 1,000 pcs/box)
Weight of Euphorbia lactea : 22 kg/box (contains 50 pcs/ box)
Weight of Plumeria plant 22 kg/box (contains 80 pcs/box)

8. Delivery of Consignment 

The shipment will be made within 7 days upon receiving the payment in advance or receiving cleared payment by Paypal/ Western union. The shipment date is subject to the availability of flight schedules and availability of some plant species.

9. Guarantee and Claims

    - Shipping through Air freight : There will be no refund or return products. If the shipment is found dead plants upon arrival or rottenness, please contact us within 48 hours and approve with cleared pictures/officially documents, then we will give new plants 50% replace dead plants on the next order (not cover cost of shipping, packing charges). If not, we can not take any responsibility.

   - Shipping through FedEx / Airmail/ EMS : Please check with your country for restrictions, duties, and taxes collected from your country. There will be no refund if your product is rejected and returned by Customs or Plant quarantine inspection. Any lost is noted (between Shipper and Buyer) will be applied as your credit using on the next order.

10. Important Document Providing
Normally we provide these important documents send along with the shipment :
      - Commercial invoice
      - Packing list / Packing invoice
      - Air waybill / or Bill of loading
      - Certificate of origin
      - A phytosanitary certificate and /or CITES certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of Thailand) 


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