Bougainvillea for sale Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that bursts forth with colorful flowers all year round. Bougainvillea in Thailand there are 8 flower color Blue, Orange, Pink, Peach, Red, White, Violet and yellow. It's a drought tolerant very famous for growing in Thailand.  Bougainvillea available size 25, 40, 60 cm. They are rooted plant age 1 year. Read more

Anthurium propagation by tissue culture techniques appears as an alternative to increase the production. Tissue culture is simply put the process of cloning plants. This is why each anthurium of a given variety looks so similar. It is because they are genetically identical clones. At the lab, a technician first confirms that the plant is healthy and then snips off a portion of it. He will then sterilize the plant sample and place it into a flask containing an agar based medium that is saturated Read more

The Anthurium plant is very easy to take care of. Anthurium is tropical plants that produce long lasting heart shape bright waxy flowers. It prefers constantly moist soil and low lighting making it great for indoor growing. Anthurium can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates in shady spots. Read more

Hoya kerrii 'Heart leave' for sale Green Hoya (whole plain green) Variegate leave Hoya (green with yellow) Painted Hoya sweetheart (For Valentine's day) 4 painted styles available. Available both Hoya bare root and Hoya in coconut husk Rooted Hoya leave grows in coco peat pot 2"   Green Hoya leaves (Whole plain green) Variegate Hoya leave (Green with yellow)   Painted Hoya leave ( 4 styles available) HOYA TYPE AVILABLE 1. Rooted Hoya leave Read more

1. Fertilizer tablets for enhanced flowering water lily and lotus Formula 10 - 25 - 20 ( N-P-K)   Net Wt 70 g Once a month. Use 2-4 tablets during growing season    2. Fertilizer spikes for all flower pot plants, tree & shrubs Formula 10 - 30 - 15 ( N-P-K)   Net Wt 75 g Once a month, push 1-2 spikes for small size container ( Diameter 4"-6") and 4-8 spikes for bigger container ( Diameter 8"-16")   3. Aquatic Plant Food Liquid   Contains a special formula Read more

Visit a Genuine Anthurium Nursery in Thailand This is a famous and well-know Thai Anthurium nursery is located in Samut Sakhon Province about 60 km from center point in Bangkok. They offer a wide range of Anthurium cultivars of new hybrids/color. They grow Anthurium plants from tissue culture in a controlled environment. They sell Anthurium mainly to growers, nurserymen and resellers with blooming size in pot 4, 6,10,14 inch. Read more