Adenium seed

Adenium obesum seed (Free pollinated seed)

The seeds are mixed varieties / color collected from Adenium standard flower varieties in my nursery. They are free pollinated seed collected from healthy Adenium obesum pod, are not seed of Adenium double/ triple/ rosy flower.

Adenium desert rose seeds contain 1,000 seeds each package. Minimum order quantity require 1,000 seeds send by registered air mail. The seeds are 100% fresh and new collected within a month before shipping.

++ Do Not supply seed separate by color/ name variety or double, triple petal flower also Rosy flower Adenium seed ++


Package available


Adenium obesum desert rose 1,000 seeds

mixed-adenium-seed-2 Adenium obesum desert rose 2,000 seeds
 mixed-adenium-seed-4 Adenium obesum desert rose 4,000 seeds
 mixed-adenium-seed-5 Adenium obesum desert rose 5,000 seeds
 mixed-adenium-seed-10 Adenium obesum desert rose 10,000 seeds



We guarantees a minimum 90% germination success rate. Many customers experience 90-95% success. Your success will vary depending on your experience and germination conditions.

Adenium seed cultivate

Thai rosy Adenium seed cultivate

Factors affecting Adenium seed germination.

There are 4 major factors that are affect germination.

1. Moisture : To spray the soil with water from above every 2 days. A dormant seed only contains 10-15% of water and is essentially dehydrated. The seed has to absorb water in order to become active.
2. Soil temperature : The best temperature needed for Adenium seeds is 25-30 degree celcius. If your soil is too cold or too hot, your seeds may not sprout.
3. Air : Oxygen is required. The seeds obtain oxygen that is dissolved in water and from the air contained in the soil. If soil conditions are too wet, an anaerobic condition persists, and seeds may not be able to germinate.
4. Light : Adenium seeds prefer 40-60% light for germination. So you shouldn’t even be covered with too much soil. Only use enough soil to just barely cover the seeds, preventing them from blowing away. The seeds should not be buried deeply.

Adenium obesum seedling for sale

We supply Adenium obesum seedling 3 size 0.5 inch, 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch.