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- The genus Echinodorus comprises more than thirty species. They can be found in South and Central America.
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  • Echinodorus Aflame RED Echinodorus Aflame RED

    - It is call specifically Aflame.
    - It is blood red or deeper.
    - Almost back it is so dark red.

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"Our nursery is certified as "a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended " The customers in European countries can import our plants with safe and good conditions as the EU regulation requires. (The plants are certified 1. All varieties of aquarium plant 2. Nymphaea spp. water lily 3. Adenium spp. 4. Plumeria spp.)"

 " We are one of the largest resources of aquatic plant and pond plant in Thailand " 

      The EwaterPlant Inc. We are one of the largest aquatic plants suppliers and resource for the pond plant in Thailand. We provide all kind of aquarium plants available for freshwater aquariums. We ship the finest aquatic plants to aquarium enthusiasts world wide. Our aquaculture specialists have 35 years experience working with freshwater aquarium plants ,pond plants ,tropical water lily ,lucky bamboo and ornamental plants such as Adenium, Euphorbia milii, Plumeria

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We are seriously in quarantine processing and disease control by specialist and hi-tech lab hardware. With cooperation and support by Department of Fisheries, Thailand. We aim to export only quality products with very reasonable price to wholesale markets worldwide.

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We offer live aquarium plants , Aquatic plants, Aquarium plant products , tropical water lilies , lotus , tropical freshwater fish and ornamental plant such as Adenium, Plumeria, Euphorbia ,Aglaonema. Our 35 years of experience can warranty you for safety, secure and on time delivery. We have the most species of aquarium plants and ornamental plants for your request and reasonable price. Please feel free to for more information about our stocks and special promotion.

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Our  company is  member of AFFECT ( Aquatic Fauna and Flora Exporters Council of Thailand ) and currently holds an "Export permit" with Department of Fisheries also registered plant nursery with department of agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and co-operative Thailand. 

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Head office in Bangkok :: Open Monday-Saturday 10.00 am - 17.00 pm 

263 Soi Petkasem 81, Leabklong Parsricharoen Road Fang Tai
Nongkheam District, Bangkok 10160  Thailand

Tel :   662-8148951      
Fax :  662-8149188

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Please call 662 8148951 for an appointment before will visit us. Our head office locates in Nongkheam area, travel time 1.5 hour by taxi from central Bangkok (Sukhumvit road). This place is not a plant nurseryAquatic plant nursery locates in Prachinburi province far 244 km from Bangkok and garden plant nursery locates in Rayong province far 180 km from Bangkok.

Head office map (Print out for Taxi driver)   028

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